China Duplicates Strategy Towards Zero Covid-19 Cases

China Duplicates Strategy Towards Zero Covid-19 Cases

China is making more efforts to make its country zero cases of Covid-19. A large building complex equivalent to 46 football fields was recently built in Guangzhou, southern China.

Ummatimes - The sprawling three-story complex contains about 5,000 rooms. The building was created as a quarantine center built by the Chinese government to accommodate citizens who came from abroad in the hope that the country would advance with a zero-tolerance approach to Covid-19.

As reported by the Aljazirah website on Wednesday (27/10), the local government of Guangzhou explained that the complex is equipped with 5G communication technology infrastructure and artificial intelligence. "Each room, which can only accommodate one person at a time, has a camera on its door and a robot delivery system to minimize human contact and the risk of cross-infection," said the introduction to the center issued by the Guangzhou government.

The construction team took less than three months to complete the project. This construction is almost similar to the temporary hospitals Huoshenshan and Leishenshan which were built in a short time in the central city of Wuhan when Covid-19 occurred in early 2020.

But the construction of hospitals and quarantine centers raises the question of why China has not relaxed its pandemic strategy in addition to its one billion population being fully vaccinated. The Chinese government is building more Covid-19 facilities but there is no indication the authorities are planning to relax restrictions effectively ending international travel restrictions for citizens in China.

"On the one hand you have experts like Zhong Nanshan and Gao Fu who suggest once the vaccination rate in China is over 85 percent, it's time to open up," said Yanzhong Huang, a lecturer on Foreign Relations at the Washington DC-based Council.

The name refers to two of China's leading public health experts. "But on the other hand, all existing actions seem to indicate that Beijing will maintain a zero-tolerance strategy," he said.

After an initially sluggish vaccination campaign, China has completely inoculated around 75 percent of its total population with a domestically produced Covid-19 vaccine. China also has not approved the use of foreign-made vaccines.