China Reduces Homework Burden for School Students

China Reduces Homework Burden for School Students

China has passed an education law to reduce the burden of homework and tutoring for core subjects. This law was made to reduce the learning burden of school students.

Ummatimes - The new law has not yet been issued in full. The law will hold local governments accountable for ensuring that double pressure on students is reduced. The law also requires parents to take reasonable breaks and exercise into account so as to reduce stress, including avoiding excessive internet use.

The Ministry of Education has made policies to reduce homework and prohibit tutoring of major subjects during weekends and holidays. The government is concerned about the heavy academic burden on school-age children.

In recent months, the Ministry of Education has also restricted the hours of playing online games for minors. They are only allowed to play online games for one hour on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Beijing has taken on a more assertive father role this year. The government is also tackling addiction to online games, which can lead to addiction.

The government also prohibits excessive fanaticism of celebrities on the internet. China's parliament will consider legislation to punish parents if their children exhibit particularly bad behavior or commit crimes.