Doctors asked to rest, Queen Elizabeth II did not attend the COP26 Summit

Doctors asked to rest, Queen Elizabeth II did not attend the COP26 Summit

Queen Elizabeth II will not attend the COP26 summit in the City of Glasgow next week. Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, October 26, 2021, said this decision was taken because the Queen was asked by a team of doctors to rest.

Ummatimes - A source at Buckingham Palace said the decision not to attend the COP26 summit was taken as a precautionary measure and to let people know in advance how Queen Elizabeth II is doing. The source confirmed that Queen Elizabeth II is in very good condition and is eager to contribute to the success of COP26.

"Following doctor's advice to rest, Queen Elizabeth II has only carried out light duties from Windsor Castle. His Royal Highness regrets his decision that he will not be able to travel to Glasgow to attend the COP26 reception on Monday 1 November 2021," Buckingham Palace said in a statement.

Queen Elizabeth II, 95, is the longest-reigning monarch of the Kingdom. He was hospitalized overnight on Wednesday. The cause of Queen Elizabeth II's illness is still unknown, but it is confirmed that it is not Covid-19.

Previously, Queen Elizabeth II also canceled a state visit to Northern Ireland. Queen Elizabeth delivered a speech on Tuesday, October 25, 2021, virtually in order to welcome the arrival of the British Ambassadors to South Korea and Switzerland.

Queen Elizabeth II, who is also Queen of 15 other Commonwealth countries including Canada, Australia and New Zealand, will celebrate 70 years in power next year. He has been known to rarely get sick.

The mother of Prince Charles, still performs many state duties. On Tuesday, he hosted a meeting of Britain's top businesspeople at Windsor Castle, one of which was attended by Bill Gates.

The cancellation of Queen Elizabeth II's presence at the COP26 summit has raised concerns about her health. The event, which will be held next Monday, will also be attended by United States President Joe Biden and the Prime Ministers of Britain, Australia and India.