India Invites US Cooperation to Overcome Afghanistan's Situation

India Invites US Cooperation to Overcome Afghanistan's Situation

India is currently worried about the situation in Afghanistan. The statement was delivered by officials of the United States Department of Defense (US). It said India was concerned about the instability and the counter-terrorism efforts taking place there.

Ummatimes - "India wants to work with us on those issues, sharing intelligence and what can be done," said Colin H. Kahl, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy at the US Department of Defense.

With India's willingness to cooperate, Kahl said the US had many opportunities to cooperate. Not only on Afghanistan and counterterrorism, but also on broader regional security questions, in the Indian Ocean and relating to the Indo-Pacific.

Earlier this month, Kahl co-chaired a meeting of the US-India Defense Policy Group. He also answered a question from Senator Jack Reed regarding Pakistan, in which it was emphasized that Washington does not want Afghanistan to be a safe haven for terrorist attacks or external attacks.

"They continue to give access to Pakistani airspace and we are in talks about keeping that airspace open and would love to talk about it more in closed sessions. But for now, counterterrorism cooperation with Pakistan is pretty good," Kahl said.