Japan's Okinawa Tourism Development Earns 80 Billion Yen Now, Better Before Corona

Japan's Okinawa Tourism Development Earns 80 Billion Yen Now, Better Before Corona

The development of Okinawa's tourism areas alone could generate about 80 billion yen in tourism revenue today, better than before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ummatimes - "The cooperation of all parties can be learned by learning from the experience of the current corona pandemic, it can even improve the tourism industry which is even better in the future," said Eijiro Yamakita, President & CEO, JTB Corp. this Thursday (27/10/2021).

Given an example, for example, Okinawa's tourism development alone can generate 80 billion yen in tourism income today, which is better than before the coronavirus pandemic emerged.

"Okinawa's tourism development used to seem like it was lagging behind other regional tourism in the middle of Japan. However, with the team that is developing the collaborative ecosystem of all parties, currently tourism in Okinawa is quite good, even better than before the corona pandemic," he added.

The development of a content system that is carried out together is very important at this time together between tourists, business partners to residents or the local community.

"The cooperation of all parties will provide added value for the tourism industry in the future. Learning from the experiences of tourists is developed and improved even more for future development in an integrated ecosystem into one."

With a good ecosystem it will promote even better economic growth and also for the happiness of the community together.

"So it will be mutually beneficial, win-win solutions with an integrated industrial system between all fields and levels of society."

The main global businesses are invited to participate together with all parties for the development of the tourism industry, becoming a strategy for the new era after the corona in addition to diversification and attraction to each other in various fields in society.

"The most important thing is to produce even better synergies for all parties in the tourism sector so that it can also provide positive benefits for all parties and all areas of community life.

Close interaction in a new era in the tourism industry is our hope, along with efforts to explore the various experiences of all of us from tourists who experience firsthand the tourism areas they pass through with all their experiences.

President Yamakita divided them into three categories, starting to get new and interesting contents, then updating existing recommendations and after the tourist has passed, obtaining contents from the tourist experience, increasing the relevance and improving the quality further after reviewing the existing results.