Kyrgyzstan to Receive Turkish Armed Drones

Kyrgyzstan to Receive Turkish Armed Drones

Kyrgyzstan will soon take delivery of Turkey's armed drone. The chairman of the State Committee for National Security said so on Thursday.

Ummatimes -
Kamchybek Tashiev told reporters his country had ordered the UCAV Bayraktar TB2 (Tactical Block 2) from Turkey. This order also takes into account a number of countries in the world that have Turkish armed drones.

He noted that Bishkek also purchased the Orlan-10 drone from Russia.

To illustrate, Bayraktar TB2 became the Turkish army inventory in 2014 and is currently used by several other countries including Ukraine, Qatar and Azerbaijan.

Turkey has used its cutting-edge drones effectively for years in cross-border anti-terror military operations such as the Euphrates Shield, Olive Branch and Spring Shield to liberate areas near the Syrian border from terrorist groups.

Turkish drones are also said to have played an important role in the 2020 six-week war between Armenia and Azerbaijan.