Malaysia Secures Petronas Complex in Sudan After Coup

Malaysia Secures Petronas Complex in Sudan After Coup

Malaysia's foreign ministry said it would protect the Petronas complex in Sudan following a military coup in the country.

Ummatimes - "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is closely monitoring developments in Sudan, as well as reports of the military takeover of the government there," said a statement from the Malaysian Foreign Ministry in Putrajaya, Tuesday (26/10).

According to the Malaysian Embassy in Khartoum, 42 Malaysians including 27 students are reported to be safe. "Embassy officials have always been in close contact with them," the embassy said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it would continue to try to protect all Malaysian interests in Sudan, including the Petronas Sudan Complex which is also occupied by the Malaysian Embassy, ​​UN agencies, and international institutions. The Sudanese Charge d'Affaires have been summoned by the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs this evening regarding concerns for the safety of Malaysians in Sudan.

Previously, the Malaysian government was concerned about the issue of the confiscation of assets belonging to Petronas, including the Petronas Sudan Complex, in Khartoum by the transitional government because it was considered illegally obtained from the previous government. Since the emergence of the issue in December 2020, the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has worked closely with Petronas and the Malaysian Embassy in Khartoum to address the issue.