North Korea slams US support for Taiwan

North Korea slams US support for Taiwan

North Korea on Saturday (23/10) accused the United States (US) government of increasing military tensions with China through its support for Taiwan. North Korea says the growing US military presence in the region poses a potential threat to Pyongyang.

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North Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Pak Myong-ho criticized the US for sending warships through the Taiwan Strait. North Korea also criticized the US for supporting Taiwan's weapons systems and military training. "This is an unwise intervention and will trigger a complicated situation on the Korean Peninsula," Pak said.

North Korea has criticized the broader US security role in the Asia Pacific, amid increasingly fierce competition with China. Last month, North Korea threatened retaliatory action, following US President Joe Biden's administration's decision to provide Australia with nuclear-powered submarines.

"It is a known fact that US forces and their military bases in (South Korea) are used to pressure China. The great power of the US and its satellite states, which are concentrated near Taiwan, can commit to military operations targeting the DPRK at any time," he said. Sir, using the abbreviation of North Korea's official name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

Pak said the US military presence in the region would cause problems in Taiwan and the Korean Peninsula. "This reality proves that the US is trying to cripple our country and China," Pak said.

Nuclear negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang have been at a standstill for more than two years. Pyongyang sees possession of nuclear weapons as a key guarantor of the survival of the Kim family regime, which has run the country with an iron fist since the 1940s.