Federal Court Postpones Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccine Mandatory for US Companies

Federal Court Postpones Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccine Mandatory for US Companies

A US federal appeals court has decided to suspend President Joe Biden's mandatory Covid-19 vaccine mandate against companies, certain healthcare professionals and federal contractors. Previously, Biden would require companies with 100 employees to have their employees vaccinated. This policy will be implemented starting January 4, 2022.

Ummatimes - According to a federal appeals court, the rule was postponed due to serious legal and constitutional status issues. The ruling comes after many states led by Republican politicians opposed the mandatory vaccine mandate starting early next year.

The court ruling is in response to petitions filed by companies, advocacy groups and the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Utah. The court gave President Biden time to respond to the ruling by 5 p.m. Monday at the latest.

The postponement of the Covid-19 vaccine mandate comes two days after the Biden administration announced the rule. If implemented, the rules would apply to 84.2 million workers in 1.9 million private sector employers, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA.

Biden government rules released on Thursday stipulate that employees belonging to the group must receive a full vaccination shot. The Covid-19 vaccine used is made by Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson.

Previous OSHA rules allowed employees not to be vaccinated if they wanted to. However employees must provide the company with a verified negative test weekly and must wear face masks at work.

Justice Department spokesman Anthony Coley said OSHA's emergency standards were an important instrument of keeping companies safe as America struggles to escape the pandemic. "The Department of Justice will vigorously defend this rule in court," Coley said in a statement.

Labor Lawyer Seema Nanda also said the Labor Department was prepared to defend this standard in court. "The Occupational Safety and Health Act explicitly grants OSHA the power to act quickly in an emergency, where an agency finds that workers are being subjected to a major hazard and new standards are needed to protect them," he said.

On average, about 1,100 Americans die each day from COVID-19. Most of the dead were unvaccinated. Covid-19 has killed about 750,000 people in the United States.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 vaccination in the United States did not meet the government's target. Many refuse to be vaccinated.