Germany's Covid-19 death toll crosses 100,000

Germany's Covid-19 death toll crosses 100,000

Germany's Covid-19-related death toll has crossed 100,000. In the last 24 hours Germany's disease control agency reported 351 new Covid-19 deaths, bringing the total coronavirus-related deaths to 100,119.

Ummatimes - In Europe, Germany became the fifth country with Covid-19 deaths above 100,000. Russia, Britain, Italy and France have already reached that record before.

Germany's federal health agency, the Robert Koch Institute, collects data from 400 regional health offices. The Koch Institute said Germany also set a new record in the rise in infection cases. In the last 24 hours, the positive cases of Covid-19 in Panzer Country increased by 75,961.

Since the start of the pandemic, Germany has confirmed 5.57 million more cases of Covid-19 infection. The spike in cases prompted the German government to announce the formation of a new group of experts who will advise the government on how to tackle the pandemic.

German hospitals have warned that emergency room beds are running low. Several health facilities in the south and east of the country have also sent patients to other areas.