Iraqi PM's Residence Attacked by Explosive Drones

Iraqi PM's Residence Attacked by Explosive Drones

A drone loaded with explosives targeted the residence of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi in Baghdad on Sunday (7/11) morning. The Iraqi military called the attack an attempted assassination.

Ummatimes - A statement from the Iraqi military said the attack targeted Kadhimi's residence and he was in good health. Kadhimi's official Twitter account said he was safe and called for calm.

According to security sources, the attack injured six members of the Kadhimi personal protection force stationed outside his residence. No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack on Kadhimi's residence in Baghdad's fortified Green Zone.

The incident comes after protests in the Iraqi capital over the results of last month's general election turned violent. The groups leading the protests and complaints about the results of the October vote are Iran-backed armed militias that lost much of their parliamentary power in the elections. They allege there was fraud in voting and vote counting.

Supporters of the Iran-aligned militia group that has increased power in parliament and government in recent years. They accused voter fraud and irregularities in counting the results of the October 10 election.

Protests by party supporters who disputed the results of the vote turned violent on Friday (5/11). Demonstrators pelted police with stones near the Green Zone, injuring several officers. Police responded with tear gas and live fire, killing at least one demonstrator, according to security sources and a hospital in Baghdad.