Melbourne City Life Back to Normal

Melbourne City Life Back to Normal

Melbourne's cafes and pubs can host as many guests as they can and the city's stadiums are already at full capacity. Australia's second largest city has lifted all social distancing regulations for fully vaccinated citizens.

Ummatimes - The state of Victoria, which houses Melbourne, is slowly easing social restrictions after immunizing two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine reached 70, 80 and 90 percent of the population. This step is part of a change in the government's strategy in dealing with the pandemic.

The Australian government decided to live with the virus while continuing to increase vaccination rates. By the end of next week, the vaccination rate for the eligible population is predicted to reach 90 percent.

"Your life will return to normal. You will be able to enjoy everything you have longed for and longed for," Victoria State Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said at a press conference on Thursday (18/11).

With the relaxation of social distancing regulations, residents can return to the dance floor and there are no restrictions on holding gatherings at home. However, masks in public spaces such as health facilities, mass transportation, and retail stores are still mandatory. Tennis matches at the Australian Open and cricket matches during Boxing Day can be watched at full capacity.

Throughout the year Australia was quite successful in containing the spread of the corona virus until the Delta variant spread last June. Infection rates in Sydney and Melbourne as well as Canberra are creeping up. These conditions forced the government to impose social distancing regulations for months.

After pushing up the number of Covid-19 vaccinations, Australia has begun to relax its strict social distancing regulations. Despite experiencing a wave of the Delta variant of the corona virus outbreak, Kangaroo Country only recorded around 194,000 cases of infection and 1,922 deaths. This figure is far from other countries.

On Thursday, New South Wales recorded 262 new infections and Victoria had 1,007 infections. Meanwhile, the Australian Capital Territory reported 25 new cases. Australia reports 15 new coronavirus-related deaths.

The Northern Territory is trying to contain the latest wave of the outbreak. Authorities are speeding up vaccination programs to prevent spread to remote communities. Meanwhile, other states and territories are Covid-19 free.