Swedish Prime Minister Gets Second Chance

Swedish Prime Minister Gets Second Chance

Sweden's parliament speaker says Social Democratic Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson will get a second chance. Andersson stepped down as prime minister hours after being elected to parliament.

Ummatimes - Andersson's move to step down as prime minister on Wednesday (24/11) was triggered by the decision of his coalition partner the Green Party to leave the government. After the government's draft budget lost in parliament.

Andersson did not have time to take over from current prime minister Stefan Lofven. He immediately resigned.

"It is my intention this afternoon to nominate Magdalena Andersson for the post of prime minister," the speaker of parliament said at a press conference on Thursday (25/11).

In the absence of another candidate Andersson looks set to win again at the Riksdag. Voting will be held on November 29. The speaker of parliament said last Wednesday's events were 'incomprehensible' to the Swedish people.

He said the actions of the parties had damaged people's confidence in parliament, the political system and the politicians themselves. Andersson's political turmoil caused a divided parliament.