Syria Record World's Worst Landmine Casualty Rate

Syria Record World's Worst Landmine Casualty Rate

Syria is listed as the country with the highest number of victims of landmines and the remains of explosives used in wars in the world this year. Previously, Afghanistan became the country with the highest number of victims from landmines and explosive remnants recorded in 2020.

Ummatimes - The monitoring group The Landmine Monitor puts the death toll in Syria since 1999 at 2,729 people killed or injured. Globally in 2020, the report said at least 7,073 victims of mines and explosive remnants of war, including 2,492 deaths, were recorded in 54 country regions of the world.

The overall toll was below the 9,440 recorded in 2016, but is currently back up from 5,853 in 2019. "This is largely the result of increased armed conflict and improvised mine contamination," The Landmine Monitor said in a statement. , Thursday (11/11).

The number remains significantly higher than the all-time low of 3,456 registered in 2013. Some 164 countries are bound by the Mine Ban Treaty created in 1997. "The steadily increasing number of victims and the slow and disappointing results of the clearance highlight serious and persistent challenges. for the implementation of the agreement," explained The Landmine Monitor's editor, Marion Loddo.

If it is to achieve a mine-free world, Loddo directs that each country must redouble its efforts towards the swift implementation of its obligations. This includes a much more efficient distribution of resources among all affected states and territories.

From the age, combat status, and gender of the victims, 80 percent of the victims were civilians and half were children. Meanwhile, 85 percent of the victims were men.