Turkey Ready to Supply Military Hardware to Bangladesh

Turkey Ready to Supply Military Hardware to Bangladesh

Turkey's envoy to Bangladesh, Mustafa Osman Turan, said the country wanted to sell Bangladesh military hardware. This is aimed at increasing cooperation in the defense sector between the two countries.

Ummatimes - Reported by Anadolu Agency, Turkey is ready to supply military hardware to Bangladesh without considering the political conditions between the two countries. This step is done based on need.

"In military cooperation, Turkey always offers joint ventures or technology transfer and that also applies to Bangladesh," Turan said during a diplomatic question and answer session at the Turkish Embassy in Dhaka.

Turan said relations between Turkey and Bangladesh are unshakable under any circumstances, regarding political differences or policies of the two countries. He said Ankara wants to be Bangladesh's solution partner in military cooperation.

Talking about the global trend of political conditions in purchasing military equipment, Turan said Turkey has been able to come out of the crisis independently in the defense sector. He also stated that in the last 10 to 15 years the country has supplied nearly 75 percent of military equipment and supplies in the industry.

Answering a question about special military equipment that Bangladesh is asking to buy from Turkey, Turan said defense cooperation is not limited to any particular area. Currently according to him there are several conversations between Turkish companies and Bangladeshi counterparts. He added that Turkey had sent Multi-Launch Rockets to Bangladesh.