Xi: Asia-Pacific should not return to Cold War tensions

Xi: Asia-Pacific should not return to Cold War tensions

Chinese President Xi Jinping said the Asia-Pacific region should not return to Cold War-era tensions. This request comes ahead of a virtual meeting with US President Joe Biden, which is expected as soon as next week.

Ummatimes - In a video message recorded to the CEO forum on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit hosted by New Zealand, Xi said attempts to draw ideological lines or form small circles on geopolitical grounds are doomed to failure. "The Asia-Pacific region cannot and must not relapse into Cold War-era confrontation and division," he said, Thursday (11/10).

Xi's remarks are a clear reference to US efforts with allies and partners in the region, including the Quad group with India, Japan and Australia. The group is Washington's attempt to contain Beijing's growing economic and military influence.

China's military said on Tuesday (9/11) that it was carrying out a combat readiness patrol towards the Taiwan Strait. The move came after China's Defense Ministry condemned a visit by a US congressional delegation to Taiwan, an island that is democratically governed but claimed by China.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the following day the US and its allies would take unspecified action against China. This threat applies if Beijing uses force to change the status quo over Taipei.

The US' aggressive diplomatic exchanges with China early in the Biden administration left allies confused. US officials believe direct engagement with Xi is the best way to prevent relations between the world's two largest economies from spiraling into conflict.

The date for the Xi-Biden meeting has not been announced. But a person briefed on the matter said a meeting was expected as soon as next week. Xi indicated earlier this week in a letter at the annual dinner of the National Committee on US-China Relations that China was prepared to properly manage differences with the US.