Belgian Couple Triggers Thailand's First Omicron Cluster

Belgian Couple Triggers Thailand's First Omicron Cluster

Thailand reported the first domestic cluster of cases of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 in Kalasin Province. A number of government-sponsored New Year's welcome events have been canceled amid fears of an outbreak of infection.

"From the Kalasin cluster, there are 21 new infections," said Apisamai Srirangsan, a spokesman for Thailand's Covid-19 Task Force, Friday (12/24).

Ummatimes - The source of the infection came from a Belgian couple who came to Thailand through the Test & Go scheme. The scheme allows foreign citizens or travelers who have been fully vaccinated to enter Thailand without quarantine.

According to Apisamai, the couple had tested negative for Covid-19 before leaving for Thailand. When they arrived in Thailand, they were tested again. The result remains negative.

"On December 15, they started experiencing symptoms and tested positive. It was later confirmed that they had the Omicron variant," Apisamai said.

So far Thailand has 205 cases of Omicron. Most of his patients are travelers or foreigners. Thailand has recorded 2.2 million cases of Covid-19 with 21,528 deaths. Of Thailand's 72 million population, 62 percent of them have been fully vaccinated.