Bolsonaro Rejects Vaccination Requirements for Entry to Brazil

Bolsonaro Rejects Vaccination Requirements for Entry to Brazil

The Brazilian government allows unvaccinated immigrants into the country, subject to a five-day quarantine and a negative Covid-19 test result. President Jair Bolsonaro opposes the use of vaccine passports and mandatory vaccine requirements for foreign arrivals.

Ummatimes - Bolsonaro criticized Brazil's health regulator, Anvisa, for proposing vaccination passports for travelers arriving from abroad. The vaccination passport aims to help prevent the spread of the corona virus variant.

“Anvisa wants to close the country's airspace. But not anymore," said Bolsonaro.

Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga said Brazil would not discriminate against unvaccinated people by adopting vaccine passport rules like other countries. He said Brazil would require unvaccinated travelers to be quarantined and undergo a Covid-19 test. But he gave no details on how it would be implemented.

Anvisa last month proposed that the government adopt vaccination passports for migrants entering Brazil. However, the government has not yet decided on the matter. Bolsonaro has repeatedly attacked the proposal.

The Supreme Court on Monday gave executives 48 hours to explain why vaccination passports had not been adopted. Last week, on the advice of Anvisa, the government suspended flights from six countries in southern Africa amid the outbreak of the omicron variant.

Bolsonaro is a skeptic of vaccinations. So far, Bolaonaro has not received a Covid-19 injection. But this does not affect Brazilians' willingness to be vaccinated. The number of Brazilian adults who have received the Covid-19 vaccination currently stands at more than 85 percent.

Bolsonaro reiterated his criticism of the Covid-19 vaccine. He said people who had received vaccinations could still be infected, including spreading the coronavirus, and die from Covid-19. Bolsonaro also disparaged the new variant, the omicron. He said there were thousands of viruses and the pandemic was over.