China Donates Food Aid to Philippines Typhoon Rai Victims

China Donates Food Aid to Philippines Typhoon Rai Victims

The Chinese government has distributed aid to thousands of Filipinos affected by Typhoon Rai. So far, 375 people have been reported dead and 56 missing.

"Our hearts go out to all the Filipino families who were devastated by Typhoon Rai which has caused heavy casualties as well as property loss," said China's Ambassador to the Philippines Huang Xilian in a statement on Tuesday (21/12).

Ummatimes - Huang said his embassy in Manila had prepared 20,000 food packages worth about 8 million pesos. Each package contains five kilograms of rice, 10 canned foods, and 10 packs of instant noodles. "With the help of the local Filipino-Chinese community, these relief items are on their way to Cebu, Leyte, Negros Occidental, Bohol, Cagayan de Oro City, Surigao City, (and) Negros Oriental," he said.

Huang said that 4.275 million kilograms of rice donated by the Chinese government was already in various Philippine ports. As many as 1.5 million of them are already in Cebu. Meanwhile, 3.225 million are in Manila and will be distributed to affected areas.

"China will do its best to continue its strong support for the disaster relief efforts of the government and people of the Philippines. We hope all those affected can overcome the difficulties and rebuild their homes early," he said.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has visited several locations affected by Typhoon Rai. He pledged a grant of 2 billion pesos for the affected provinces. Typhoon Rai hit the Philippines on Friday (17/12). Typhoon Rai was the strongest typhoon to hit the Philippines this year.

Rai brings winds of 195 kilometers per hour at its strongest. At least 227 cities in the Philippines lost electricity. The typhoon also damaged three regional airports, including two that had been closed. About 20 hurricanes and typhoons hit the Philippines every year. Like Indonesia, the Philippines lies on the seismically active Pacific “Ring of Fire” region. This makes the Philippines one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world.