France steps up pressure on unvaccinated citizens

France steps up pressure on unvaccinated citizens

The French government continues to work to increase pressure on unvaccinated people to get the shot. This pressure grew stronger when the country reported 208,000 new cases of Covid-19 on Wednesday (29/12).

"It is very unlikely that this time you will be able to escape (Covid-19). The virus is spreading too fast," said French Health Minister Olivier Veran, referring to people who did not receive the vaccine.

Vera said that in Paris public hospitals, 70 percent of people admitted to intensive care units were not vaccinated. He also advised the most vulnerable people who have not had a booster vaccine shot to protect themselves in the coming days. "Don't take the risk," he said.

Veran defended the government's plan to allow only the fully vaccinated to enjoy continued access to places such as restaurants, cinemas, theaters, museums and sports arenas. This permit will also be required on trains, inter-regional buses, and domestic flights.

Veran told a parliamentary session that the current record number of infections showed that more than two French people were testing positive every second for Covid-19. He estimates that about 10 percent of France's population has had recent contact with a person infected with the virus.