Historically, the US's envoy for religious freedom is held by a Muslim

Historically, the US's envoy for religious freedom is held by a Muslim

The United States (US) Senate approved an American Muslim Rashad Hussain to serve as Ambassador for International Religious Freedom. This is a historic appointment.

Ummatimes - Hussain was nominated by President Joe Biden in July. Hussain won the Senate's approval by voting with 85 votes in favor and 5 against, on Thursday (16/12). Hussain is the first American Muslim to occupy the position.

"This is a historic day for the American Muslim community and our nation. We are confident that he will defend the religious freedom of all communities threatened by bigotry around the world, including Uighur Muslims who are facing genocide by the Chinese Communist Party," said Deputy Executive Director of the Council on American -Islamic Relations (CAIR), Edward Ahmed Mitchell, reported by Anadolu Agency, Saturday (18/12).

During the administration of former President Barack Obama, Hussain served as the US Special Envoy for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Special Envoy for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications, and Deputy White House Counsel. The US Commission on International Religious Freedom appreciates the election of Hussain as the ambassador for religious freedom.

"With his knowledge and years of experience, Hussain is well positioned to advance the US government's promotion of international religious freedom," said the Chair of the International Religious Freedom Commission, Nadine Maenza.