In Malaysia, Actors of Illegal Streaming Can Be Imprisoned for 20 Years

In Malaysia, Actors of Illegal Streaming Can Be Imprisoned for 20 Years

In this digital era, copyright infringement is rife. Various conveniences born from the development of technology and information make people act without limits. One form of violation is in the form of film piracy through illegal streaming sites.

Reporting from, recently the Malaysian Government authorities passed rules to take firm action against illegal streaming service providers. Through the Malaysian House of Representatives, the amendment to Law (UU) 332 (Act 332) governing Copyright was officially passed this week.

Ummatimes - The decision was important because Malaysia considers violations in illegal streaming to date a "serious problem". Through this law, it is hoped that it will eradicate the circulation of illegal streaming site providers.

Anyone found to have violated Deed 332, the perpetrator of an illegal streaming site provider, can be sentenced to a maximum of 20 years in prison. Details of penalties against illegal streaming site providers are also contained in the VIAA section on “streaming technology”.

It is stated in the VIAA section, proven violators will be subject to sanctions in the form of a minimum fine of 10,000 Ringgit (equivalent to Rp. 34 million) or a maximum of 200,000 Ringgit (equivalent to Rp. 680 million).

The Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs of Malaysia, Alexander Nanta Linggi, emphasized that this amendment step was carried out to meet the needs of stakeholders and film business players in the midst of rampant illegal streaming practices.

"Furthermore, amendments need to be made to ensure that the enacted Copyright Law can provide more efficient and effective protection in accordance with current demands," Alexander said as quoted from