Israel Donates One Million Covid-19 Vaccines to Africa

Israel Donates One Million Covid-19 Vaccines to Africa

Israel will donate one million Covid-19 vaccines to Africa through the Covax scheme. The Foreign Ministry said Israel would donate the AstraZeneca vaccine to Africa in the coming weeks.

"I am delighted that Israel can contribute and be a partner in eradicating the worldwide pandemic," Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said.

Ummatimes - The Israeli government said the vaccine donation would meet the needs of nearly a quarter of African countries. Israel has close ties with a number of African countries, including Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Last year Israel normalized relations with Sudan, as part of the US-brokered Abraham Accord.

The Covax scheme is a global initiative that aims to provide a Covid-19 vaccine to poor countries. Israel was one of the first countries to meet its target of vaccinating its entire population.

Earlier this year, Israel came under fire for not sharing vaccine supplies with the Palestinians. Since then, Israel has vaccinated tens of thousands of Palestinians working in Israel. Palestinians have received vaccines through the Covax scheme as well as donations from other countries.