Singapore Airlines Offers Child Free Zone for Travelers

Singapore Airlines Offers Child Free Zone for Travelers

The year-end long holiday has arrived and traveling is the right method to unwind. But sometimes when traveling we see or hear toddlers crying or whining so that it interferes with relaxing time and sometimes makes the mood bad.

Not to worry, Singaporean Scoot Airlines, from Singapore Airlines is offering a cabin upgrade free from crying toddlers for just an additional $21.

Passengers traveling on the airline can now upgrade their seats and sit in the ScootinSilence section, where children under the age of 12 are not allowed.

To upgrade to this section, you only need to add $21 only. According to reports, the section sits between rows 21 and 25 and also has extra legroom.

Quoting from, if you book a seat in the ScootinSilence zone located in front of all their 787 Dreamliners. Apart from the exclusive and quiet cabin (no children under 12 years old allowed here).

In addition, you can also enjoy the added comfort of traveling, where each seat is equipped with an adjustable headrest and you can order Super and Stretch seats.