UK budgets £105m to donate to poor countries

UK budgets £105m to donate to poor countries

The UK has pledged £105 million in emergency aid to help vulnerable countries, particularly in Africa, cope with the spread of the highly contagious variant of the Omicron coronavirus.

The British government said the money would be used to help reduce transmission, increase testing and increase oxygen supplies.

"The UK is providing essential assistance to help contain the spread of the new variant around the world," Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said in a statement Wednesday.

"This is the key to ensuring our freedom and ending this pandemic once and for all."

Ummatimes - UK, along with other rich countries, has been accused of not doing enough to distribute vaccine stocks to poorer countries, which some scientists say is key to stopping new variants from emerging.

The Foreign Office said the emergency aid commitment came after confirmation that Britain had delivered the 30 million vaccines promised worldwide by the end of 2021, which is part of the 100 million doses of vaccine it pledged to donate.

So far, 24.6 million doses of the vaccine have been provided by the UK to the global vaccine sharing network COVAX for delivery to other countries and 5.5 million doses have been shared directly with countries in need including Kenya, Jamaica and Indonesia.

"The UK is helping other countries that need it most. Nothing is safe until everyone is safe," Truss said.