UK Omicron Emergency, Boris Johnson Prepares Covid Vaccine Booster Injections

UK Omicron Emergency, Boris Johnson Prepares Covid Vaccine Booster Injections

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Britain was facing a tidal wave of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus. He stated that two doses of the Covid vaccine were not enough to contain the Omicron variant, so a booster injection was needed.

Ummatimes - Boris Johnson said he would speed up the booster program because scientists can't yet conclude whether the Omicron is lighter than the other variants. The warning came hours after scientists raised the Covid alert level to 4 from a 5-point scale.

"The Omicron tidal wave is coming," Johnson said in a televised statement on Sunday evening. "I am concerned that two doses of the vaccine are not sufficient to provide the level of protection needed."

Boris Johnson added that Omicron, which is much more contagious than the other variants, would put the national health service in check if there was a spike in hospitalizations. "Everyone who is eligible and aged 18 years and over will have the opportunity to get a booster before the New Year," said Johnson.

Data released on Friday showed that the efficacy of the two-dose vaccine against symptomatic infections was substantially reduced against Omicron. The third dose of vaccine injection was able to increase protection against Omicron by more than 70 percent. To speed up the booster injection of the British population, the government will involve the military.

Previously, Boris Johnson launched the UK's plan B to deal with Omicron. His policies include ordering Britons to work from home, wear masks in public and use vaccine passes to slow the rate of infection. But many lawmakers oppose the measures, including Johnson's Conservative Party.

The inclusion of the Omicron variant made the number of Covid cases in the UK rise in the past week to above 50,000 per day. In the past 28 days, the death toll was 146,439 cases. The UK has the highest death toll in Europe from Covid-19.