Morrison Claims Australia Can Overcome Corona Virus Wave

Morrison Claims Australia Can Overcome Corona Virus Wave

Australian Prime Minister (PM) Scott Morrison said his country's health system was able to cope with the new wave of coronavirus infections even though the number of cases had increased in some states. Morrison said Australia's health system was well equipped to deal with the spike in cases caused by the spread of the Omicron variant.

"It is very important that with the increasing number of cases, we see the severity of this disease is already proven to be about 75 percent lower than what we saw in the delta," he said, Monday (3/1).

Ummatimes - According to Morrison, the number of cases is part of the Omicron period and part of a new phase of the pandemic we are facing. "That's not to say Omicron can't put pressure on the hospital system. It can and that's why we're working very closely with the (state) prime minister and chief minister to make sure those resources are there," he explained.

Morrison said the federal government would take steps to ensure hospitals have the resources they need to cope with rising admissions. His government last week changed the definition of "close contact" to ensure health workers who may have been exposed to active cases do not have to self-isolate and can return to work.

"We are looking to make further changes this week to get more staff back into the hospital and address the needs," Morrison said.

This statement coincided with the fact that the state of Victoria reported a record number of new cases and hospitalizations soaring in New South Wales. Victoria reported 8,577 new cases, a state record that surpassed the previous peak of 7,442 on New Year's Day.

New South Wales saw a slight drop in the number of cases from a record 22,577 on Saturday (1/1), to 20,794 on Monday. But the number of people in hospital rose to 1,204 from 1,066 the day before. There were 95 people in intensive care, up 12 the previous day.