Biden Reminds Putin to Resign From Threat of War with Ukraine

Biden Reminds Putin to Resign From Threat of War with Ukraine

US President Joe Biden vehemently called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to withdraw from the war with Ukraine on Tuesday (16/2/2022) local time. He spoke candidly about the "unnecessary death and destruction" Moscow could inflict and the international outrage that Putin would face.

In a nationally televised address, Biden said the United States estimated 150,000 Russian troops now besieging Ukraine, a higher number than previous estimates of around 100,000. Biden said reports that some troops had been withdrawn were received, but they were not verified and an invasion remained highly probable.

Ummatimes - Biden said diplomacy remained the immediate option to defuse the crisis and urged Russia to get involved. If Russia invades Ukraine, Biden said, the United States and its allies are prepared to respond with penalties aimed at inflicting economic pain and global isolation.

"The United States is ready no matter what," Biden said.

Most of Biden's remarks were aimed directly at Putin, who has demanded that NATO not accept Ukraine as a member and stop its further eastward expansion. Biden's threats to Russia have not convinced Putin to step down.

“The United States and NATO are not a threat to Russia. Ukraine does not threaten Russia. Neither the US nor NATO have missiles in Ukraine. We don't, have no plans to put them there either. We don't target people. Russia. We are not trying to destabilize Russia," Biden said.

The American president also appealed directly to Russian citizens. "To the Russian people: you are not our enemy, and I don't believe you want a bloody, destructive war against Ukraine," Biden said.

The human and strategic costs would be "huge" for Russia to attack, he said. "The world will not forget that Russia chose death and needless destruction," Biden said.

The president said the United States "does not seek direct confrontation with Russia" and that American troops will not fight in Ukraine. However, he said if Russia were to attack America in Ukraine, the US would respond decisively.

He warned that the Russian invasion would have consequences here at home, including energy costs. The speech came on a day that Ukraine said it had been hit by a cyberattack and appeared to blame Russia.

Biden issued a warning for Russia not to engage in cyber attacks.

"If Russia attacks the United States or our allies through asymmetric means such as a disruptive cyberattack against our company or critical infrastructure, we are ready to respond," he said.

Biden spoke with Putin on Saturday and then with Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskiy on Sunday. He has also repeatedly warned of the heavy costs for Moscow, including sanctions against Russian businesses and oligarchs. But he has laid out a roadmap for a peaceful resolution, including talks on missiles. Military deployments and exercises to try to reduce tensions in the region.

The United States claims to have put on the table concrete ideas for establishing a security environment in Europe. "We propose new arms control measures, new transparency measures, new strategic stability measures, which apply to both NATO and Russia," he said on Tuesday.

In his speech, Biden said the United States and its NATO allies were ready for whatever happened. "We are ready to respond decisively to a Russian attack in Ukraine, which is still very likely," Biden said.

Reports that Russia has withdrawn several military units. "It will be good but we haven't verified it yet," he said.