Jupiter Aerobatic Indonesian Air Force's Team Appears at the Singapore Air Show 2022

Jupiter Aerobatic Team TNI AU Appears at the Singapore Air Show 2022

Indonesian Air Force aerobatic team Jupiter Aerobatic Team looked stunning at the Singapore Air Show 2022, despite the relatively cloudy weather conditions in Singapore's skies, Wednesday, February 16, 2022.

JAT performed 14 maneuvers at the international event, namely Jupiter Roll, Delta Loop, Eagle to Arrow Head Loop & Break Off, Twin Half Cuban, Jupiter Wheel, and Tango to Diamond Loop.

Ummatimes - Then there are Mirrow, Screw Roll, Heart, Roll Slide Solo Spin, Five Card Pass, Leaser Benefit & Roll Back, and closed with the Clover Leaf & Cascade maneuver.

The entire maneuver was executed smoothly in about 15 minutes. Cloudy weather had covered before six planes took off from the airport in Batam.

Previously, the Assistant for Operations to the Air Force Chief of Staff, Marshal TNI Muhammad Khairil Lubis reminded all JAT personnel to anticipate and pay attention to the weather when appearing at the 2022 Singapore Air Show.

Khairil Lubis, who reviewed and provided direct guidance to the JAT Team, also reminded the proud Indonesian team not to be overconfident. "The JAT team is an ambassador who carries the good name of the nation and state in the international arena," he said.

The Commander of the Flying Education Wing, Colonel Pnb Feri Yunaldi reported that in general all activities were carried out safely and smoothly from the first landing in Batam until the opening of SAS 2022.

The Commander of Skadik 102 Adisutjipto Air Base, as well as JAT Leader, Major Pnb Ripdho Utomo also said that there were several relatively complicated attractions, including the Solo Spin, because it had to be done at a low altitude.