Monitors Tensions in Ukraine, Indonesian Embassy in Kyiv Coordinates with Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Monitors Tensions in Ukraine, Indonesian Embassy in Kyiv Coordinates with Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The official of the Social and Cultural Affairs Function at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) in Kyiv, Erna Herlina, confirmed that Indonesian citizens (WNI) in Ukraine were still carrying out their usual activities.

In the midst of conflict tensions with Russia, Erna said the controlled situation in Ukraine allowed Indonesian citizens to carry out activities.

"Daily life is still running as usual. Economic activity is still normal, there is no panic buying, and there is no shortage of basic necessities," Erna told Tempo, Tuesday, February 15 evening.

Ummatimes - From data reported by KBR Kyiv, as of last Tuesday, the number of Indonesian citizens in Ukraine is 138, with most of them domiciled in Kyiv. At the border, there is one Indonesian citizen living in Donetsk, two in Luhansk and five in Kharkiv.

While the issue of the worsening of the crisis has resulted in the representative offices of foreign countries urging their citizens to leave Ukraine, the Indonesian Embassy in Kyiv is also monitoring the situation. However, based on current conditions, there have been no instructions for Indonesian citizens to leave Ukraine.

"It is true that the Indonesian Embassy in Kyiv in coordination with the Central Ministry of Foreign Affairs has prepared a contingency plan to deal with various possibilities and developments in the existing situation. The pattern of protection and appeals given to Indonesian citizens will be adjusted to the development of this situation," Erna said.

The conflict heated up when there was an issue that an attack on Ukraine would occur on February 16, 2022. A few days earlier, America, Britain, and a number of other countries asked their citizens to leave Ukraine.

Russia has denied an invasion and on Tuesday, February 15, the Ministry of Defense of the Red Bear Homeland claimed to have withdrawn some of its troops on the Ukrainian border. The move was taken after some of the troops were said to have finished holding military exercises.
US President Joe Biden has responded directly to this issue and said that a Russian attack on Ukraine is still very possible. Joe Biden has doubts about Moscow's statement and believes the fact of the withdrawal at the border still needs to be verified.