Russian Defense Minister Visits Syria to Supervise Military Exercises

Russian Defense Minister Visits Syria to Supervise Military Exercises

The Russian Ministry of Defense on Tuesday (15/2/2022) announced that Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu arrived in Syria to oversee military exercises in the Mediterranean Sea.

Shoygu visited the military base leased by Russia from Syria, the Khmeimim Air Base and the naval point at Tartus. He also visited the capital, Damascus, and held a meeting with Bashar al-Assad, on the instructions of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Sergey Shoygu and Bashar Assad discussed various questions about the military and technical cooperation of countries within the framework of the common struggle against the remnants of international terrorist groups, as well as the separate issue of providing humanitarian assistance by Russia to the Syrian population, suffering from strict sanctions from the US and the state. -Western countries," said the Russian defense ministry.

In January, the Russian Defense Ministry announced a series of large-scale military exercises "in all areas of responsibility" for the Russian Navy.

The drills will be held in marine waters adjacent to Russian territory, as well as in "operationally important areas of the World Ocean," the ministry continued in a separate statement.

"Separate exercises will be held in the waters of the Mediterranean, North, Sea of ​​Okhotsk, in the northeastern part of the Atlantic Ocean and in the Pacific Ocean."

More than 140 warships and support ships, more than 60 aircraft, 1,000 units of military equipment and around 10,000 military personnel will be involved in the exercise.