Taliban to Form New Defense Force for Afghanistan

Taliban to Form New Defense Force for Afghanistan

The Taliban government plans to form a new force for Afghanistan. They want to recruit 150 thousand people to become soldiers for the sake of defense.

The spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense in the Taliban government, Enayatullah Kharazmi, said that apart from recruiting new soldiers, his party will also employ experienced military personnel. "The Ministry of National Defense plans to recruit experienced military officers in the new troops," he said in an interview with Bakhtar News Agency, Tuesday (15/2).

Ummatimes - According to Kharazmi, the new national defense forces will also have special uniforms. Currently, the uniform production process is being carried out. Regarding military equipment brought abroad during the fall of the previous government, Kharazmi said his party is currently in dialogue with a number of countries.

He hoped the relevant countries could supply the necessary military equipment. The Afghan defense force in the previous administration was estimated at 352,000 personnel. As many as 190 thousand of them are soldiers.

The Taliban managed to retake power in Afghanistan in mid-August last year. However, until now no country has recognized his government. Earlier this month the Taliban claimed its government in Afghanistan was closing in on international recognition.

“In the process of gaining recognition, we are getting closer to that goal. It is our right, the right of the Afghan people. We will continue our political efforts until we get our rights," said Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mutaqqi on February 2.

He said the Taliban government is actively engaged with the international community. “The international community wants to interact with us. We have had a good run in that regard," he said.

Mutaqqi said several countries still operate their embassies in Kabul. He hopes that more countries will reopen their embassies in Afghanistan. "We hope that the embassies of several European and Arab countries will also be opened," he said.