The Japanese Government of Tokyo Issues Books for Muslims in Japan

The Japanese Government of Tokyo Issues Books for Muslims in Japan

The local government of Tokyo in Japan also wants to make itself a city that is familiar to the Muslim world, besides being led by Governor Yuriko Koike who graduated from Cairo University.

"We did make a guidebook for Muslims to feel more comfortable while in Tokyo," said Governor Koike specifically to last week.

According to him, since childhood he really wanted something interesting other than the others.

That is why he went to a university in the Islamic state of Egypt.

"Yes, it's true that I went to school and graduated from Cairo University in Egypt, and also studied Arabic there," he added.

No wonder he speaks fluent Arabic which he still remembers to this day.

The book for Muslims also includes places to pray for Muslims while in Tokyo. Can be seen at:

In addition, the book also contains the location of halal places to eat in Tokyo, recommended lodging places and recommended shops for Muslims.

Not to forget, of course, a map of the railway line in Tokyo is published on page 5 and page 6.

Also included are symbols or logos of guide icons that are easily recognizable for Muslim tourists.

For example, if you want a room for prayer or a logo in particular, making it easier for Muslims to immediately know, oh there is a place for prayer.

Other contents, including what to do in an emergency, are explained there.

Don't miss the Japanese if the English is like this. How to learn Japanese easily too, making it easier for tourists to communicate simply with Japanese people.

50 pages thick is good enough to be a handbook for Muslims who want to travel in Tokyo.

The guidebook should be available and available at various Travel Information Centers (Travel) in various major tourism centers in Tokyo, such as in Asakusa and so on. The content is of course in English.

"There is no Indonesian language. However, if there is population information on the Tokyo regional government website, there are 14 languages ​​and one of them uses Indonesian," said Governor Koike again.